Swarms.ie Official Launch

In June 2018, over 100 beekeepers across Ireland (north & south) formed to launch an all island honeybee swarm response network.
The goal? To rescue honeybees when at their most vulnerable, during the swarm. 

We are all over the country, knowing we need to take action quickly to have a chance of collecting the swarm.
If we are fast and get them before they move into the shed, its a few hours work, spent mostly waiting.

Collecting a swarm requires patience, the odd ninja snipping of a branch and at other times some ingenuity, but always we show the honeybees respect.
Once transportable, we bring them back home with us & nurse the bees to health if they need it, providing them a suitable hive with food to get them started thriving.
Then we wait.

If we can help you, we will. 🙂

If you need to report a swarm of honeybees right now, please click here.

Save the Bees!

Everyone on the Swarms.ie network