Selling Local Honey

Using the internet to sell your honey

As beekeepers, we know how tough it is to keep our bees strong in these changeable times. What little return we do get for the effort, we hope gets respectfully valued.            

With the massive growth in online consumer spending over the past few years, it’s time to think about building a digital presence of your own. Digital offers a 24/7 sales ability, you don’t even have to be awake to receive them.

It can be expensive to set up a website of your own, and selling via the major marketplaces can come at a premium to your bottom line. Our annual honey shows give us an opportunity to present our produce in an ideal way, but are limited to a few short days per year.

New scientific research has revealed Irish honey to be of exceptional quality, containing beneficial properties rivalling the best honey on the planet. 

Recently, international publications have shown high levels of fraud in the global honey market. “Around 20% of honey either declared as blends of EU honey or unblended honey… were found to be suspicious of containing added sugar.” 

Demand for the genuine article strengthens as fraudsters are exposed for their deceptions.

The locations where we keep our hives are mostly picturesque, rich with hedgerows and diverse flora. Ireland enjoys low levels of industrial development, limited monoculture and a generally clean environment.

People strongly favour local honey, when they can get it. 

As local honey is hard to get, many of our potential customers are lost to commercial interests and their accompanying budgets simply because it’s easier for the customer to source honey this way. 

We should change that, and we can.

Findyourkeeper is a website I’ve built that allows you to sell your honey online and make it simple for customers to locate their nearest genuine supply.

The tool will also act as promoter, featuring beekeepers on social media and the array of options available countrywide. It offers readers a chance to directly support the featured beekeeper, or any other if they so wish.

Here’s a demo of how easy it could be for someone to buy your local honey using Findyourkeeper:

Findyourkeeper Demo

Great wine is rarely found in the supermarket.
The best honey should be no different.

If you’re interested to learn more about Findyourkeeper, sign up here.

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