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If these looks familiar, you have Wasps. Wasps are aggressive, children and animals should be kept away from any nest or activity, do not approach.


Wasps are rarely anyone’s favourite insect. Wasps can be very aggressive if their nest is disturbed and it is not recommended to approach a wasp nest at all. 

There is an element of risk to removing a wasps nest, it would be best to contact an exterminator company in your area to deal with it instead of trying it yourself. 

Wasp venom can cause anaphylactic shock and can be lethal. Click here for HSE advice.  

Wasps provide a valuable service to our ecosystem, we’d missed them if they weren’t there. Wasps prey on a number of nuisance insects and if they are not causing a disturbance it is best to leave them to their own devices.  If they have located themselves beside humans, especially anyone allergic, you should call a local pest control company.

Wasps do not lose their barb when they sting, nor die afterwards. They can sting multiple times.

Species: Vespula vulgaris
Can a beekeeper help me: No
Should I contact an exterminator: If you are in the Greater Dublin area, we have a wasp specialist who will rehome them.