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Please EMAIL in your details 


If a local beekeeper is available to visit you, your details will be passed on to them for assistance.  

Please understand that the service a beekeeper provides for swarm collection is voluntary, in not all cases will they be able to help you and in certain locations in Ireland,  sometimes there is no one to call closeby.

If the bees are living in your property for some time, please go here and report your issue:


Swarm: A swarm is 500-20000+ bees flying above your home like a tornado, which lands on a tree or something outside, and clumps into something the size of a football or smaller.  The swarm may remain for minutes to days in this same spot. These bees are currently homeless and are the easiest bees to relocate before they cause you real problems. Once a swarm has found a home (ideally not in your home), it becomes a colony/problem.

Nearly every beekeeper in Ireland will gladly collect a swarm.

Colony: A colony is a collection of honey bees of any viable number (usually more than 500) inhabiting a cavity or space for some time. Once a honeybee swarm goes into a cavity (like your roof), every passing minute for the first 2 days diminish the chances of getting them out easily.  Once the swarm “goes inside”, its pretty much there until physically removed. 
Colony removals can take a number of days to organise a specialist beekeeper to prepare & remove the bees, depending on the situation. 

Very few beekeepers specialize in colony removals due to difficult\risk. has about 30 beekeepers across the country who perform this service to a very high level. 

These removals take hours of work and can be extremely awkward and difficult, so expect a beekeeper to quote between €150-400 for a removal.

What you are paying for is a  proper ethical removal that also prevents the problem reoccurring.

Please note, beekeepers do not carry builders insurance, especially in cases of roof colonies a builder with appropriate scaffolding will be required as we are not allowed to make physical changes to property.

A removal done badly, is a removal that will need repeating. 


In your email please include:
1. Your Name
2. Contact Number
3. Your Eircode
4. A Photo of the bees (video also good)
5. Describe the situation as best as you can. 

You can also contact us via messenger on the facebook page linked here

What happens after you report a swarm?
You will first be contacted by phone or text ASAP to confirm the bees are still there.
Steve & Abigail both receive these emergency emails, either one will contact you.

Once the swarm is confirmed, a local beekeeper will be contacted for availability.
If they are able to assist you, your details will be passed to them.
The local beekeeper will then call you to confirm your details and arrange an appointment.
Keep children and pets away from the swarm while waiting, close windows and give the bees appropriate space.
Keep at a safe distance when taking photo’s of swarms (10 foot or more).
If the bees leave before help arrives, please let the beekeeper know directly. will never sell your data or supply it to a 3rd party with the exception of the local beekeeper who will help you.