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If these guys look similar to what you are reporting, you likely have Bumblebees. Don’t worry, Bumblebees aren’t aggressive, but if you upset the nest they can get defensive.


There are 20 species of Bumblebees in Ireland, 4 of which are endangered with 2 more being vulnerable. Bumblebees are generally not a problem if found in the garden and should be left alone if possible.

Bumblebees are considered less aggressive than honeybees and a good reason to leave them alone if you detect them in your garden. While honeybees stay together in great numbers keeping warm during the winter, nearly all the bees in a bumblebee nest will die come winter, leaving the queens alone to find a place to hibernate the cold and build up the colony in spring. 

Please be considerate of these creatures.

Bumblebee venom can cause anaphylactic shock. Click here for HSE advice if someone is stung and is having a bad reaction.

Bumblebees do not lose their barb when they sting, so are capable of multiple attempts.

Species: Bombus
Can a beekeeper help me: No
Should I contact an exterminator: No